Be an Alliance Member

Alliance Members will share successful grants, innovative programs, articles, marketing and fundraising materials, CDs, training manuals and other resources on the Members Only portion of this site.

Benefits and Privileges

  • Director’s Meeting at membership rates
  • Leadership development and training
  • Director’s Meeting at membership rates
  • Leadership development and training
  • Technical assistance from Parent to Parent USA and Alliance Members
  • Networking and mentorship opportunities
  • Listservs – Director and Matching
  • Website – listing on Map
  • Website – access to information in “Members Only” Section
  • Website – On-Line training opportunities
  • Research Partnership Opportunities
  • Representation at the national level
  • Information about funding opportunities
  • National Clearinghouse on best practices for parent to parent support
  • Marketing of innovative Alliance Member initiatives
  • Promotion of Alliance Member programs
  • Use of Parent to Parent USA logo and statement, “Parent to Parent USA Alliance Member committed to Parent to Parent USA Endorsed Practices”

Criteria for Membership

  • Statewide parent to parent program
  • Serve families with children of all ages who have special health care needs, mental health issues and disabilities
  • Use trained volunteer support parents for peer matching
  • Commitment to implement Parent to Parent USA-endorsed practices
  • Adhere to Parent to Parent USA membership requirements

Expectations of Members

  • Participate in Directors’ Meeting
  • Provide families and professionals with information and linkages to national, state, regional, and community organizations, resources, and supports
  • Use Parent to Parent USA Logo and statement, “Member of the Parent to Parent USA Alliance following Parent to Parent USA-Endorsed Practices”


  • Complete and update Organization Survey annually
  • Participate on Director’s Listserv and Matching listserv
  • Provide technical assistance to other Alliance Members upon request
  • Annual Membership Fee

Interested in becoming an Alliance Member? For more information please send an email to:   If you are ready to apply, please complete this application: P2P USA Application for Alliance Membership and send to