There are presently 38 statewide Parent to Parent Alliance Members, and 5 Community Partners, following
Parent to Parent USA’s endorsed evidence-based practices.

In response to requests from parents and program directors of Parent to Parent programs for efficacy data on Parent to Parent, a participatory action research team of parents and researchers conducted a 3-year national study to determine the effectiveness of parent to parent support for Referred Parents. Parents and researchers worked together to design the study, write the grant application, and carry out this important study involving 400 parents nationally. George Singer, PhD. was the Director of the study (later becoming a P2P USA Board Member). The results indicated that parent to parent support increases parents’ acceptance of their situation and their sense of being able to cope.

Moreover, parent to parent support helps parents to make progress on the need they present when they first contact a Parent to Parent program. Over 80% of the parents found parent to parent support to be helpful. In fact, the data indicated a direct correlation between the number of contacts Referred Parents had with their Supporting Parent and how satisfied referred parents were with the support they received; and, the greater the number of contacts, the greater their satisfaction. Interviews with parents suggest that the kind of support Parent to Parent offers is unique and cannot come from any other source. Based upon this significant data, the research team recommended that parent to parent support should be an essential component of a comprehensive family support system.

Based on this national study, Parent to Parent USA endorses and promotes the following evidence-based practices. View the following in PDF format:

Newly Published Research:

Parent to Parent USA conducts an annual survey of its Alliance Member programs to learn more about the services they provide. Collected data includes organization information, how they are funded and staffed, Referral and Match statistics, training methods, and materials they have to share. This program information is available to Alliance Members, Community Partners, and emerging parent to parent programs receiving technical support from Parent to Parent USA as part of our commitment to leadership within the Parent to Parent community and the peer support movement.