New Task Force on Racial and Social Injustice

A graphic that reads: We stand with you

Parent to Parent USA has formed a task force to examine racial and social injustice. Parent to Parent USA acknowledges that there are systemic injustices facing Black families in our country, and is committed to working to reduce those injustices, especially for Black families of loved ones with disabilities or other special health care needs.

We see you. We hear you. We stand with you.

PATH Parent to Parent/Family Voices of CT is publishing a series of videos to open dialogue and discussion about the injustices experienced by the Black community and the intersectionality with those who have special healthcare needs and disabilities. Click here to watch episode one.

Rachel is the parent of a son with autism. She works for Parent to Parent in Washington State. She graciously spoke about becoming an ally as a white woman and her perspective on this subject. Click here to read about her journey.