Meet Our TeamCo Executive Directors

Lily Brown

Aurelie "Lily" Brown

Lily has experienced firsthand the magic in the match of parent to parent support after her daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition at age 3.

As Co Executive Director for Parent to Parent USA, she is dedicated to strengthening the Parent to Parent community so that no parent feels alone, ever.

She leads the organization in the areas of development, program evaluation, volunteer engagement, and fiscal management. She draws on her entrepreneurial background to scale operations using a combination of talent and technology.

Marsha Quinn

Marsha Quinn

Marsha brings over 20 years experience in nonprofit marketing and Early Intervention / Part C to Parent to Parent USA’s member organizations. She works to grow access to our unique peer support model by acquiring new emerging members and increasing capacity to current and future partners through relationship building and engagement.

“When autism came, my personal and professional lives both shifted towards helping others in a similar situation and I started a support group. Parent, then provider and all along my passion has been the gift of paying it forward."

Board of Directors

Amy Holbert

Amy Holbert, LISW-CP, MSW, President
Family Connection of South Carolina

Fiona Patrick

Fiona Patrick, Vice President
Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania

Carmina Cirioli

Carmina Cirioli, Past President

Kara Boo

Kara Adams, Secretary
Family Voices of Tennessee

Consuelo Puente
Consuelo Puente, Treasurer
Lo Que Puede Venir
Lenn Boston
Leonard Boston III, Member

Board Committees

Parent to Parent USA Committees and Task Forces are typically chaired by a Board member and consist of Board members, staff, and interested volunteers from the community. Committees and Task Forces meet monthly.

Current committees and task forces include Communications & Outreach, Data, Development, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Leadership Institute Planning, and Membership.

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