March 2024 Coffee Talk: Introduction to Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and Mental Health

Aurelie Brown

Coffee Talk IDD

Join us for an engaging and informative hour-long presentation focused on understanding mental health in individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). We’ll explore the prevalence of mental health conditions within the IDD population and discuss the signs and symptoms of dual diagnoses. Through practical insights and strategies, caregivers will learn to recognize and intervene early. We’ll also address the … Read More

February 2024 Coffee Talk: Working With State Policymakers to Support Military Families

Aurelie Brown

Hear from the Defense-State Liaison Office that works with state policymakers to change laws and policies to improve military family well-being. Each year, the DSLO focuses on 10 key priorities. For each priority, the Military State Policy Source website provides background information, official Defense Department data and status updates on relevant information across states. This is a members-only event.

January 2024 Coffee Talk: LifeCourseOnline

Aurelie Brown

As a national network, how do we ensure that families facing even the most unique and complex circumstances have access to the peer support they need? Join us to learn about our partnership with LifeCourseOnline, and our joint initiative to build a technology solution to enable P2P Alliance Member organizations to seamlessly connect parents, regardless of their geographical location or … Read More